Video Surveillance for Business Security

The user interface of ADT's video Surveillance application for mobile and desktop
The user interface of ADT’s video Surveillance application for mobile and desktop

There are a number of advantages of installing video surveillance system. It provides homeowners, business owners as well as law enforcement with an extra set of eyes. There are a number of different types of video surveillance systems available in the market. Your choice of a video surveillance system should depend on the level of surveillance as well as the area involved in the surveillance.

The models available earlier were restricted to recording video in analog signal form and all the data was recorded to a tape. These tapes were then stored and seen as needed but digital video has become the new standard these days. One of the biggest benefits of digital video is that a lot of data can be stored in a small hard disk at a higher video quality. Also, the video surveillance systems available in the market today come with sound. More sophisticated surveillance systems also offer colored videos in high definition.

Choosing The Right Video Surveillance System

There are a number of factors you need to consider for the right video surveillance system. One of the first things you need to consider is the intended purpose of the camera. There are many different types of cameras and your choice will depend on whether you want to resolve a particular problem or need only general security monitoring.

As far as installation of video cameras is concerned, some people prefer cameras to be visible as visible cameras act as a deterrent for thieves and other people who may want to enter the premises. On the other hand, there are others who like hidden cameras that blend in with the background and do not draw any particular attention.

There are also pinhole cameras that are highly discreet and extremely small in size. One can easily hide these small cameras in common objects around the house. Typically these cameras are used where inappropriate behavior is expected. These cameras have wired as well as wireless connection.

For overall security, it is recommended to install a full network of high quality security cameras at various locations to provide complete coverage. For proper monitoring, monitors receiving feed from different cameras can be located in a central area so that the overall activity can be observed at a single place. These cameras not only provide live coverage but videos can also be stored for viewing at a later time.

One of the most popular options these days is IP-based video cameras. It allows people to watch the feed of security cameras from anywhere in the world. They only need Internet access to connect to the security cameras online and can watch the feed on their tablets, phones or personal computer online. These security cameras are getting popular in residential areas as these allow people to keep a watch on their home during daytime when they are in their offices. Also, the cost of these cameras has come down significantly over the past few years.

As mentioned in the beginning there are a number of different types of video surveillance systems available in the market but the quality varies a lot. To choose the right system, you need to take into account your security needs as well as budget. Do not choose a security system only on the basis of cost. While you may save a few bucks by installing a low quality camera, you may pay a heavy price when you get grainy pictures which are of no use in case someone attempts to enter the premises and you are unable to recognize that person due to grainy pictures.

Here’s what you can expect from a security system with video:

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