Onsite at a Coppell Montessori School

We’re contracted with video producers around the country creating a guild for clients and production companies alike to find mutually beneficial engagements for business. It’s difficult to find someone who hears and understands your goals. Here’s one story of how we were able to connect a client with a company who was looking for someone with the knowledge and experience in video production that met with the goals of the client.

Shooting Educational and Intro Videos On Site

The main objective of video is to get web visitors to stick around your website a little longer and to help them get a sense of what your business is about. Now there are also educational videos, explainer videos, funny videos, commercials etc… but for sake of a proposed project at a Coppell Montessori School it will be to give visitors to the website a good sense of what it means for parents to enroll their children there. The project objectives, and those of anything similar are:

  • engage website visitors
  • make visitors more comfortable with the school
  • entice them to actually schedule a visit to the school
  • strong call to action (CTA)
  • contact information

We’ll be doing corporate video production which incorporates the strong use of branding, careful placement of logos and specifically timed introductions to key players on location. We’ll script out and story board the entire video, which will be about 90 seconds long. Everything that goes into the video will be carefully thought out and planned accordingly over a two-day period.

Video for Education

On top of introducing the school to website visitors, many schools are now creating videos for students and uploading them to their own YouTube channel for kids to learn more during the evenings or weekends to supplement what they’re learning in the classroom. The cool thing about these videos is it gives teachers a new creative outlet and almost makes “stars” out of the teachers, which to have that status in the eyes of a student can make all the difference in the level of classroom engagement, respect and GPA.

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Video Doesn’t Have to be Done Live

That’s right. In fact, if you have ever tried to shoot live video, including getting audio and many angles with many cameras, it can be a total drag after you calibrate white balance, sound with different microphones, background noise, lighting. I’ve been working on a digital platform that makes it really easy to get all of this done with out the use of heavy audio and video equipment. There’s really no need to set up a television set just to get the shot you’re hoping for. I’m going to be sharing some of the more recent projects and case studies about this very topic. Login in and comment below if you’re on the same page!